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Storyteller:  @i_bidari   Story: RARA HOW I MISS YOU! ... The month of Chaitra(March/April) was so wonderful for me. With the mind full of dilemma, I finally decided to go for the tour. RARA, the name with boundless memories and excitement for me. Small bags packed on the night before the bon voyage and my sleep were gone off due to the excitement. ... 4 AM: We started our journey with BFF booze which made me energetic even without any sleep or rest.πŸ˜‚ I've seen the sunset from different places in the past but it was different there on the day we reached Rara. It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not to dream. I was dreaming and wishing she was here. Apart from that, I was waiting for the night to come, the cold breeze from the lake, and sleep gently on the bank of the lake. ... The moon was rising. Since it was a full moon day, I don't have words to describe that moment. 😍One needs to witness that moment and keep it in their memory as a lifetime


An old woman's first reaction was like "BABU HARU MARNU JANU LAGNU VAKO?"(Are you guys going there to Die?) We were seeking as many information as possible but with her first response, we thought better not to ask any more questions. Now after completing the trails, I think her response was so damn true. Yes, the journey started with a bad impression at Bhotang. It was the last hostel at the end of Bhotang where the bus parks. We had to buy some nuts and snacks which we forgot to buy back home. Then there we realize that we didn't have our life savior weapon " lighter ". The weather was nearly zero at night time. So night without heat there at Panchpokhari is hard to imagine. We bought the lighter too. Then we headed towards Deurali. First Day, out of those two huts, one on our right(above one) had a luxurious comfy bed with attached bathroom and also a swimming pool just out of the corridor. ... Next Morning, we had to cross a river. Fill