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There is Always a Second Chance isn't it? Badimalika Diaries

StoryTeller : @travelingnepal This small decision we didn't take back then during our Badimalika Trekking will forever make us remember the hustle, irritation and frustration we had! Right from this point we will see this beautiful landscape. And than you will also see a small temple standing in between the river banks of Tribeni. The name Tribeni itself means the unison of three rivers. You see only two rivers over here but a small thread is flowing down from jsut opposit towards the end of this view. Like the faint thread of third river, our decision of not checking what's behind that barren hill caused us a great deal. The struggle we had to go through while climbing up to the Badimalika Peak itself is a separate story to feature here in this blog. Hailstone, snow, sharp pick to climb straight uphill, lost the track, cost an extra day, political strike, scorching sun, and what not. But the major disappointment we all faces was at this point. No

Traveling is about overcoming challenges. Story of Nikesh from Tilicho

If you don't​ face challenges, you hardly make moments of your life..." Story of a Traveler @nikeshakya Traveling has always been a fun part of living my  #life . Trek to  #Tilicho  was one of the  #thrilling  chapters. It was full of adventure, nature, and challenges. Talking about challenges, I along with my fellow trekkers faced one of the biggest threats of our lives.  ... While walking from Humde to  #Khangsar , we lost the path; almost heading to a dead end. Luckily we were​ caught up by some  #villagers   who were also in the same side hunting down for woods. They suggested us the right path and then we knew we had at least walked 1 hour to the wrong path. So now we had to head back for another one hour just to reach the correct path. It was a sunny day, we already had lost most of our energy going out of track and we were out of water. All of our water bottles have been emptied. And since the surrounding was completely dry as a desert area, we could not find

Lumbini, I've Waited 7Yrs To Be There!

Storyteller: IAmSigdelSanjog Memories from Lumbini & Butwal My Highschool hostel mate Ashik had told me to travel Lumbini back in 2010-11 when I went Butwal for the first time for his brother's Marriage. But it didn't happen, not for the last 7 years. Lumbini was not yet off from the Bucket list. But Coincidence as it is in my name, another marriage invitation from the same house came. This time it was Shilu's marriage. So without any second thought, I hopped inside the night bus to Butwal along with another mate :) Sudeep.  "Mate" sounds void, actually they are among few friends for life that I have. Missed torpe this time 😊 ... Got to save the life of a driver who was stuck in between the bus string and driver's seat. Blood all over my T-shirt and also broken tiny glass pieces. I don't even wanna remember that incident now.  Being there after 7 years, meeting old faces, baba, mummy, dada, Munni, angel and a few new ones Milan da, bhauju, n