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Inside One of The Monastery of Lumbini, UNESCO World Heritage, NEPAL.

Inside one of the Monastery of Lumbini, UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE, NEPAL. A few months back I visited Lumbini, which was a short solo trip. I booked e-rickshaw and went to the Mayadevi temple first. Because the Ashoka Pillar and Mayadevi Temple were the only things I wanted to see there at Lumbini. I did that and while returning to the front gate to the east, the rickshaw driver took me to some of these monasteries. They were all mind-blowing. Even though, I didn't visit all of them because the sun was about to get hotter and I didn't want to get frustrated by the heat. Among those four-five monasteries which I visited this one was amazing. This place has a wide scope of attracting Religious Tourism. There are millions of people who would visit the land if their Guru at least once in their lifetime.   While I was there I saw like thousands of international tourists roaming around the premises and enjoying the peace. Then I thought why isn't my government promoting this p

Flashback of My Childhood Memories during a Short Hike to KavreBhanjyang

#StoryTeller  :  @travelingnepal  Best part of today's walk: ... (Hikers know this place. It's between Kabhrebhanjyang and Devisthan Temple) This small playground is where I spent my entire childhood playing football and volleyball ( अर्को चाहिँ कर्थरी स्कुल को मैदान). So this boy Gaurav was alone enjoying the game waiting for his friends. I suddenly had to stop and talk with him because at his age I was also there playing with my friends. I knew who he was and asked about his family. Our houses lie in the same neighborhood. I asked about his uncles and his dad. He talked with me fluently without hesitation. I also used to talk with strangers when I was small. And also with the Tourists. 15 years back there used to be a heavy presence of Tourists for hiking g to Namobuddha. ... He said his team went to the next village at Faskot, played a football match and scored 12 goals 😁 So cool. I along with his uncles roamed every village nearby for playing Football Match d