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I had befriended Nature: Story from Shivpuri Hiking

Shivpuri Hiking StoryTeller  :  @_curlywrites ... I had befriended nature as long as I have been able to read its poetries. However, of a hectic schedule, I managed to drop myself by the side of the mountains, this Saturday. Maybe the rivers were not happy when I came and that is why I fell into the river twice. Fortunately, I was alive although I don't know swimming much. The beautiful waterfalls cascading blew me like the wind does and I was enjoying every ounce of breath I inhaled. ... Waterfalls and serenity also mean leeches. However careful I was of not getting bitten, my nerves were getting narrower. I was scared of leeches since childhood and anything you are scared of coming to you one way or the other. I got bitten by them thrice but the moment got added to my memories. ... The trip was short but memorable nevertheless. I walked along my friend filling the aroma with 90s songs and singing them at the top of our lungs. The day was tiresome but beautiful with t

An Incomplete Frame! Travel Story from Badimalika

"Clearly shows an incomplete picture in absence of a humble figure(छोरा) who is busy on a construction site of nearby district working as a Civil Engineer." ... This is a story from Bajura District of Farwest Development Region of Nepal. We captured many memories from Badimalika Trekking. Some were thrilling, some were awesome but this story was cold, felt dark and sad inside because not having a son, a father and a husband in the home throughout the year is a sad thing, isn't it? ... Yes, I'm talking about Mr. Man Bahadur Aidi of Kailashmandau, Bajura District. A friend of  @yrimal  who helped us during our Badimalika Trek by introducing us with his elder brother. His brother not only helped to guide the routes via phone contact but also welcomed us in his home as guests. Climbing up at Badimalika peak, at some specific point the phone used to receive signals and Yuvraj used to contact his wife and Aidi brother. Then Aidi brother who is a local used to guide us f