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Where's Mowgli? 👀 You find me in the photo?

Where's Mowgli? 👀 You find me in the photo? If you have been to Tilicho than you definitely remember this fantastic view don't you? Yes, it's like an hour before you reach to Tilicho Base Camp. This blog has a lot of stories from Tilicho because I have been there collecting dozens of memories. So few more stories that I will be writing from Tilicho will be here in this story. And also people talk about places they have been and this adds up the stories. This story or memory below is from Mowgli. If you are curious about who Mowgli is and how she had her time at the Tilicho Base Camp, do go through the story and check her profile to find more. @mowgli_travels ... I thought that walking through one of the only places in the world where you are surrounded by mountains over 8,000 meters above sea level ⛰ was the reason for the walk, but how wrong, the Annapurna Circuit is much more than that! I had never seen a landscape like this, so changing, so colorful, s

Nepal = Never Ending Peace and Love, Says Traveler Lydz

Many foreigners come for different experiences here in Nepal like Trekking and mountaineering expeditions. Some are here to enjoy the wildlife and historical establishment. While Lydz is here for experiencing the life of villagers. So she with her team soon escaped the tourist hub Pokhara and moved to a homestay in the nearby village. Read and experience what she has to say about her travel experience here in Nepal ... Storyteller:  @ventureswithlydz Pokhara is definitely one of the more chill “cities” I’ve been in but we all felt ready to escape the tourists and head for the villages in the hills. This beautiful family invited all 6 of us into their home, gave us a place to sleep, fed us, walked us around the village and let us just be. ... This is my second homestay while in Nepal and an experience I would recommend to all! 🏡 It really puts things into perspective diving into the culture to see how other people live and most importantly how happy they are with the simple