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Some Madness is Worth It! A journey of IIH

This 24 years Traveler “ MADMAN” walked across Nepal for 224 days. He walked about 6000 KMs through Hills, Mountains and Terai Belts for three times. He walked wearing light Cotton T’s (the one that is available in the Streets of Thamel and mostly worn by the Tourists), Half Pant and Sandal throughout the journey.  IS HE, not a MADMAN? Or IS HE, really a MADMAN? He is IIHZEE (say EASY ) and anyone who knows him calls him IIH ( ई ) Never thought I would be so much interested in following some stranger and would want to know them in person. But this MAD MAN’s stories blew me off. Once a friend of mine suggested me to check his profile. She said, “ Hey there is this guy who has been walking throughout Nepal since last 120 days ”. And my expression was like, “ Seriously?”. The day count was around 120 days. Then after I used to eagerly wait for his stories. The after journey takes me throughout the country with his stories. He is such a humble human and used to answer questions