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Do you know my kind of solitude?

Do you know my kind of solitude?  A few months ago, while I started this Instagram page @travelstoriesnepal, I was writing my own stories and also asking my friends to share some of theirs. Emma and I worked together in the same team for about a year and she explores very often. She has this curious nature, because of which I think she keeps on exploring and learning. She does good painting so you should check out her profile  @emmabrynstein ,  to see some of them. This exploring nature of her keeps her circle happy too. She does art. More than that she has a wonderful perspective of life.  So one day I asked her to share a bit of her travel journey and she gave me this clip of a peaceful journey to Bajrayogini. From the next section, the words are from her. Well, I won't call it solo hiking, but its get together with nature.  It's more than eternity.  It's staring at the sky, listening to the birds,   smelling the rustling of the leaves,  observing the intimate fa