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TwinClimbers Who made it to the Everest

Storyteller :  @twinclimbers ・・・ Growing up we realized how blessed & gifted we were to be twins. Such a rare treasure - there's another person just like you 🤗 We both share the same  #passion  - climbing mountains. Luckily, being twins it was easy for us to accept challenges & opportunities to 'tread less frequented trails in life'. During our final push to the  #Everest summit, Nungshi’s regulator malfunctioned, leaving her breathless and on the verge of retreating. On the other hand, Tashi was further ahead, climbing strong 💪 . ・・・ Tashi's constant motivation was what kept Nungshi going & finally, we made it to the top of the world "together", becoming the first female twins to climb Everest 🏔 The moment we stood atop the Everest Summit was surreal and that has to be our  #MainSeHum  ka kadam 🤝 The trust we have and the bond we share has got us this far. Nothing can come anywhere close to the sense of confidence and protection we g