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Hattichhap Chappal: Elephant traveled entire Nepal with IIH

Follow IIH on Instagram On the day before Bhaitika, last year, Asmita bought me this pair of Hattichhap slippers in Nepalgunj. From the lowest point in Nepal, Kechan Kawal, to one of the highest mountain passes in the world, the Suryakunda pass, from Mahakali to Mechi, this pair has endured it all, and yet still remains strong. - It has been six years since I started wearing this kind of slippers, crafted for the masses from recycled materials, a day back in 2011 being an exception. That day I had an urge to feel spunky and put on a pair of Reeboks I had previously abandoned. But then, I simply could not keep myself straight and kept losing my balance. I felt that those shoes were not a fitting foundation for my soul, and have not worn shoes ever since. - Reflection upon experiences have led me to believe that slippers represent contentment, freedom, and simplicity - the foundations upon which the answers to the most basic questions of life become accessible. I may not

Journey of IIH: From Where It All Began.

From some corner of Bishal Nagar, Kathmandu IIH announces this journey, which even he might not have realized that it would be a life long memory. With all essentials packed into this 'dhokro' & a couple of thousand rupees in pocket, iih & his friend Parbat, will be taking a random bus, to a random destination, & trek till they exhaust their resources. Eeney, meeney, miney, moe... here they go!  #jogi   #machocho   #travel   #backpack #random   #retreat   #Nepal   My Journey of knowing IIS began here " some-madness-is-worth-it-journey-of-iih " and I have written a bit of what he did. Everyone now knows about the journey he made, 224 days of walking to entire Nepal, about 6000+ KMs. The good thing is he keeps everything on his Instagram account like a daily journal. Although not daily because the internet and electricity are not easily accessible in all part of our country. But whenever he got the opportunity he used to share all information on a

Hailstorm: One Hail of an Experience at Poonhill.

Storyteller:  @subedimonika Poonhill trek has always been in my list since the past 3 years and finally, that has come to end in 2019 April. We sisters were discussing it since last few months about going somewhere and suddenly I got a call saying “we are living for Pokhara tomorrow get ready for trekking”. I was in dilemma at first what shall I do but I asked my parents and for the first time without any discussion they said OK go. It was kind of shocking for me to hear that. Then I got ready with my backpack and went all the way to Pokhara. Tuesday we went to Pokhara and stayed in Thulmamu’s house and early next morning at sharp 6 AM we headed towards Nayapul. We were a bunch of 8 family members going. Age from 9 years (our youngest trekker) to around 40 years. We skipped the most difficult route to Ulleri by foot and decided to go till Ulleri by jeep because we had to return to Pokhara on the 3rd day of our trek. After we reached Ulleri and got off the jeep and we walked f

Streets Full of Life. A Photowalk!

A wanderer always finds stories about whether it is deep inside nature or in the city chaos. This story is also one such moment captured by the wanderer @two_megapixel . His Instagram handle is two megapixels because he actually captures all photographs from his Nokia Phone whose camera resolution is 2MP. But more than the quality of a camera, all it matters is what is captured. And these are the words shared by @two_megapixel : स्कुल मा धेरै विद्यार्थी आइरहेका थिये ।त्यसै बिच एउटा साईकल आउछ । मिहिनति हात ले चलौदै एक्जना बाबू आफ्नो छोरि र छोरा लाई ल्याउछन । बाबु को मन कमालो हुन्छ तर देखाउनु हुन्न। अलि कडा स्वोर मा राम्रो सङ पढ्नु भन्नेबित्तिकै हिड्नु भयो। अन्नि दिदि चही ले भाइ लाई समातेर लागि। आय स्रोत कम भएर के भो शिक्षा ले भबिस्य उज्वल बनाउने छ । If you go through his page than all you can see is life. His wall is full of life, a life of different people in different stages. Such is this picture which speaks of the story of common Nepali working citizen. We can find fa

Mountain is Calling, @Ghumante_Nepali From Mustang

@ghumante_nepali   "Mountain is calling " We went to search booze not knowing that there is always curfew on Beni after 9. Got scolded by police due to the looks I had, like a bunch of hippies searching for marijuana😎  After breakfast, we visited Rupse George & than we stopped at Ghasa where we could see mountains were literally calling with their beauties where we had local booze ( Kodo ko jhol ). ... Scary way as we could see Kaligandaki from the narrow road if it slipped then no chance of survival. Huge thanks to the bus driver. Our life savior 🙏  Now here comes Jhomsom where you see mountains at South for the first time Woah!  It drugged me from its beauty. We roam around the place which is called district in the lap of mountains. After reaching Mustang how can someone miss Marpha the mustang coffee? . With Dry apple(sukuti) & a cup of tea, we started our journey to Muktinath. On our pickup jeep, we went to Kagbeni to play with the snow but had to w

Story of Survival(Aadesh Neupane's Solo Trek to Gosainkunda)

It's a story shared by Traveler: Aadesh Neupane. Walked alone all the way to Gosainkunda with his heavy Backpack. Made his own tent and spent the night in some corner of Gosainkunda. He said locals didn't even give him fire/water since he was not living in their hotel. He manages somehow. ... Uphill while heading to Gosainkunda everything was fine. He had fun walking all alone within the woods. But what drove me to share his story is the struggle he faced while heading downhill. That is where his life struggle comes as a threat. This made me share his two and half years old story. ... Heavy Rain started troubling him walking down the trail. So he stepped aside under a shed covering himself with his tent. Then with a frustrated mind, he thought of walking downwards. But the hailstorm as strong as stone didn't let him walk and unfortunately, one sleeve of his backpack got torn. He walked some distance tying his backpack somehow. But again that also didn'